Hidden Acres Therapeutic Riding Center

Dear Friend of Hidden Acres,
A decade ago we realized a vision of a place of healing, affirmation and empowerment for those with special needs, through the establishment of Hidden Acres Therapeutic Riding Center. Today we face a difficult time in our nation’s history. As well all reel from the impact of COVID-19 and see how it has affected our daily lives, we are reminded of times in our history of our organization when unforeseen difficulties arose. It was how we proactively responded to them that determined our future stability. This is one of those times of challenge for everyone, and we hope that you will give generously to our cause so that our important work can continue amidst these changes. 

As a small nonprofit with a mission to serve adults and children to promote wellness in the mind, body and spirit through equine assisted activities, we count on the community to support our efforts. Anxiety, depression, and physical and emotional challenges are all alleviated through equine-assisted therapy and mindfulness activities at Hidden Acres Therapeutic Riding Center. In order to address the growing needs and challenges of our participants, we have to fund the cost of providing those services in a drastically changed environment.

Increased staff and volunteer time with our herd is required to safely maintain social distancing while continuing our programs. We are focusing our best efforts on maintaining a training schedule for our herd that ensures that they are at peak  performance for therapeutic riding activities. All this as the normal costs of maintaining our programs, facilities and herd have not changed, and have even risen due to new demands. 

We hope you can help us to weather this storm, so that we will continue to be a valuable
resource today and in the future for those we are so honored to serve. 

Please consider an end of year gift to our Annual Fund, and accept the sincere thanks from all who directly benefit from your generosity. Remember, under the CARES act, donors can get a Federal Income Tax Deduction for charitable contributions of up to 100% of their Adjusted Gross Income this year! Know that you have truly made a difference, through your investment and partnership with a true, good and compassionate community resource.

Best wishes to you and yours for the holiday season.

Warmest regards,

Mary and Theron Simons, Executive Directors


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Our services for children and adults to promote well being in mind, body, and spirit include therapeutic horseback riding, un-mounted therapeutic horsemanship, therapeutic carriage driving, equine-assisted therapy, Horse Spirit Summer Program for special needs children and specialty population programming including:  

  • Pathways: For At-Risk Youth
  • # Me Too, We Hear You: Sexual Trauma Survivors
  • The Hidden Key Project: Cancer Patients and Survivors
  • Sensory and Memory Enrichment Program: Senior Citizens

Hidden Acres is a Premiere Accredited PATH Center. ®PATH: Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship Intl. is a global authority, resource and advocate for equine-assisted activities and therapies and the equines in this work that inspires and enriches the human spirit.

Here are some testimonials from some of our participants:

“He instantly connected with the horses…it was amazing to see.”       
 – Mother of Josh, Age 8, program participant.           

“Being here has helped me physically, emotionally and mentally, all the way through… for someone with a disability like me, this helps tremendously.”                 
– Gina, current program participant               

 “The possibilities are unlimited.  The area is so therapeutic. The spirit is real.’” – Ed, Cancer Survivor

“I really enjoyed my experience. I have never been up close to a horse before. I felt amazing afterward.”  Cancer Survivors Program.

(You cannot underestimate) “…the importance of having a sacred place where you can look within: Hidden Acres is a sacred place.  – Joe, Livestrong Cancer Survivors Program