Hidden Acres Therapeutic Riding Center

Specialty Programs For Kids And Teens


This six-week program designed for 12-19 year old youth, includes weekly 90-minute sessions designed to teach skills that will help local teens deal with the challenges of everyday adolescent life, including critical thinking and communication, self-awareness, empathy, confidence and esteem. Participants engage in experiential learning activities with Hidden Acres staff and therapy horses designed to shift their perspective in a supportive environment. All activities are unmounted. Currently, this is a referral only program.

Horse Spirit Summer Integrated Summer Camp

Designed for 6-12 year old youth, this unique integrated summer camp program is for all experience levels. This program brings together participants with and without special needs for team building, horsemanship, games, crafts and other fun activities. Each day they’ll be guided by our certified riding instructors through both mounted and unmounted activities appropriate for their skill level in an effort to promote self-expression and strive toward personal goals in a relaxing, supportive environment.

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Schools and Other Groups

Hidden Acres can develop specialized group programming to meet the needs of all types of groups, both one time and multi-session. Typically these will be unmounted groups (no riding) which focus on areas such as team building, respectful communication, leadership, self awareness, and self-control. The horses provide a tremendous point of interest for children and teens, providing the opportunity to explore impulse control, empathy, trust, and other building blocks of healthy relationships.